Disclosure of Industrial Benefits Plan for Arun

BIRATNAGAR: The Sutlej Arun-3 Power Development Company (SAPDC) and OIBN jointly organized a disclosure of the Nepal Industrial Benefits Plan targeted at benefitting domestic business people, in Biratnagar on 29 November. The plan jointly developed by SAPDC and OIBN was approved by OIBN as required by PDA signed in 2014. 

The plan is designed to fulfil the requirement of goods and services for the project providing fair business opportunities to Nepali suppliers and service providers.

In the process of developing the plan, consultations were held with members of various Nepalese business associations, suppliers of goods and services who can be potential sources for the project. The disclosure program was also held as per the PDA obligation to inform Nepali business people about the material requirements, stimulus business linkages, opportunities to local suppliers, establish set up supplier database and encourage full and fair access to the suppliers of goods and services. 

The plan also stipulates promoting a vibrant, growing , competitive supplier base within Nepal that over the time shall meet higher value-added requirements for goods and services for the project. The project is estimated to use around 1.46 million cube meters of sand and aggregate, 458,000 tons of cement and 48500 tons of iron rods to build project's core structures.

During the program, contractors of different packages in the project ---Jai Prakash Associates Ltd., Patel Engineering Ltd , Om Metals Infra Project Ltd , Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. (BHEL)—had given separate presentations about requirement for materials and services in the project in term of time, quantity and quality.


The plan envisages to maximizing the use of domestic goods and services  provided that such Nepalese resources meet the quality, quantity and availability requirements, without compromising with the cost and time schedule of the works.


Mainly the project has offered opportunity for business in construction materials, transport, logistics, telecommunication, health, medical, agriculture, tourism and other allied sectors.

Speaking on the occasion, officiating Principal Secretary of Province 1 Mr Kedar Neupane urged Nepali business people to take maximum benefits from the business opportunities unleashed by Arun-3 project.

OIBN's Joint Secretary Mr Uttam Bhakta Wagle expressed commitment to supporting project developer in smooth implementation of PDA.