Resettlement Action Plan of Upper Karnali HEP Disclosed

Resettlement Action Plan of Upper Karnali HEP Disclosed

GMR discloses RAP

KATHMANDU: GMR Itd-the developer of Upper Karnali Hydropower Project- disclosed Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) on September 10 (Bhaddra 24)  at the Office of Investment Board Nepal (IBN).

GMR officials presented the RAP—a comprehensive plan to rehabilitate and resettle project-affected people--- to members of Constituent Assembly representing project affected districts and officials of line ministries and IBN.

The developer company is planning to disclose the RAP to local affected people soon. The RAP includes details of affected people, their properties, land to be acquired, compensation distribution plan, among others.

The developer is responsible to formulate and implement the RAP which is finalized in line with the provisions in Project Development Agreement (PDA). The RAP report was developed in consultation with IBN, which had also monitored the field study for RAP conducted by GMR.

The RAP shows total 426 households of 432 private land owners of 10 VDCs and one municipality of Surkhet, Dailekh and Achham will be affected from the 900-MW project. Out of the affected households, 56 households are to be removed from their existing set up.

Similarly, total 217 physical structures will be affected from the project.  The RAP has made attempt to follow provisions envisaged by National Policy on Land Acquisition and Resettlement, IFC Performance Standards and Asian Development Bank's Social Safeguard Policy to ensure scientific resettlement and rehabilitation of project affected people.

The project developer has to spend one percent of total project cost on resettlement, rehabilitation of affected people and mitigation of social and environment impact from the project.

Participating at the RAP disclosure program, CA members of project affected districts demanded that developer sincerely implement the plans and programs envisioned in RAP. They also stressed the need to exercise transparency and impartiality in fixing compensation and ensure better livelihood for the people to be displaced from the original settlements.

RAP disclosure in project districts also

KATHMANDU: GMR Itd- the project developer also disclosed RAP to project affected local people in Surkhet, Dailekh and Achham districts on 21st -23rd September. Disclosure programs were organized in the presence of IBN representatives in Sattala (near dam site) and Dailekh bazaar of Dailekh district, Bhairavsthan of Achham district, Salkot of Surkhet district. On the occasion local people had sought clear plan for resettlement and rehabilitation, share ownership in the project and free electricity for affected people. GMR officials had assured of sincere and smooth implementation of RAP and sought support from local stakeholders in resettlement and rehabilitation process.